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  • On Welcoming New People in Worship Services … After the First Visit

    Beware the Black Hole of Time February 16, 2016, Austin Brown I’m not thinking about the people who get their keys out during the last song and scurry away immediately after the benediction (or maybe during!). Nor am I thinking about those individuals who only halfheartedly …

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  • Why Church Members Don’t Invite Others to Church

    Below is an article written by Dr. Chuck Lawless which was posted on thomrainer.com.  The article points to ten reasons why church members say they don’t invite others to attend the worship services at their church.  The beginning of the article indicates that a majority …

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  • On Attending the Worship Services of Your Church

    The following is a blog post from Kevin DeYoung and is taken from his blog at the Gospel Coalition.  It addresses the very important issue of the commitment of the modern Christian to the church.   The Scandal of the Semi-Churched This is one of …

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  • The Unity of Worship

    I recently thought about the very first song that we sang at Hope in our first worship service.  The song was “He Reigns” which was recorded by the Newsboys (click here to read all the lyrics – or here for a video of the Newsboys).  …

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  • Why is “Community” in our name?

    One question that I’ve been asked on a number of occasions is “Why did you use ‘Community’ in your church’s name instead of ‘Presbyterian’?”  Before I talk about the reason, let me first say that we are not in any way ashamed to be identified …

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  • New Website and Blog

    A lot of things are changing at Hope.  Our church particularized this past Sunday (9-15-2013).  That simply means that we are no longer a mission church.  We now have our own Ruling Elders and Session.  This has been a long process, but one that has …

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